01 September, 2009

v3.0 PS3 firmware released!

Finally, after a couple of months, the long-awaited system update to the PlayStation3 has arrived! Version 3.0 ;D New features include:

  • New management for trophies, sub-trophies and add-on content.
  • Multiple audio-out (simultaneous connections).
  • New messages/friendlist indicator.
  • "Placed-anywhere" PlayStation Store shortcuts.
  • New customization functions (avatars, dynamic themes with animated objects).
All-in-all, it promises to deliver the experience Sony has promised for some time now :)


Update, wednesday september 2nd:

I really enjoyed the new FW. The 'multiple-audio-out' function was awesome! Now I can mix analogue audio in through my Audigy-card on my media-machine, through an ADC (analogue-to-digital-converter), and pipe the audio-stream to whatever machine I want to receive it on my network :) Lovely.

I also liked that the fonts have been re-sized on 1080p resolution, now I can read everything. When I think about it, the whole XMB UI has been re-sized to better fit high-def resolutions.

The new message/friendlist indicator (located in the top right corner) also made the whole interface more symmetric and clearly set. It no longer blocks the view of the clock when you either switch to pause-mode in-game, or generally just use the 'PS'-button to check your battery-level or whatever.

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