10 August, 2018

Ubiquiti UniFi

Recently acquired a Ubiquiti UniFi AP-AC-PRO (1750 Mbps) wireless access-point, by recommendation from a professional friend. Telling me these things have ALL the pro-features of the more expensive APs around. And I have to admit, they... just work 👌 and very, very good I might add.

Even Linus Torvalds (yes, THAT Torvalds) uses these, because they are incredibly configurable for both simple and (very) advanced setups, and rock-solid in operation.

PoE+ (48V/24W) required though, as the USB-interface is misleading, it does not power the unit at all. Ubiquiti does not include a PoE+-injector with their APs, and does not specify this on the packaging either. But that was the only annoyance about them.

For the unit-price, you get a lot of features and functions compared to other "prosumer" choices.

And best of all: it runs Linux. Yes, this prosumer wifi-ap runs open-source software.

P.S. - 17th of August:

Acquired another AP for better coverage, as there are some rooms in the basement with sound isolation in the roofs. The signals got better, and reached through the intended rooms.

Also enabled mesh-networking (even though it was a beta-feature), and it got even better!

Ubiquiti FTW!