19 June, 2020

Amiga 500 cap-kits

Got a hold on some spare capacitor-kits for my Amiga 500 Rev 6a, so I should be safe for a couple of more years at least 👌💀

I just love it that in 2020, I can still get replacement supplies for an over 30+ year-old multimedia computer.

Dedicated fans who love the system so much, that they spend their own time gathering together supply-kits to offer back to the community.

The community around Commodore-stuff, is just wonderful 😊 reminds me quite a lot of the Linux community. If you have a need, and there are no available solutions, you MAKE them.

Replacement component kits, replacement chassies, new-old microchip stocks, modification-kits, accelerator boards, "trapdoor" memory-boards and whatever else you could desire.

#BetterSafeThanSorry #CommodoreAmiga