27 August, 2015

AMD hardware

I've known for some time now that AMD has a serious lack of effort on their native implementation of OpenGL on Linux, especially when used for gaming. Not to mention their proprietary (binary) graphics-driver: "AMD Catalyst", which is a story all on it's own...

They JUST RECENTLY aqcuired OpenGL v4.5-compatibility, which by now is over 1 year old! In technology-tems, that's just sad.

They released ('2013 for the wider public) an in-house developed perf-tool (GPUPerfServer2), for optimizing Linux games using OpenGL. Though they did *NOT* release a linux client for this client/server framework; only a linux-based server for running local OpenGL-games, of which they could then connect to via the OSX- / Windows-client (figures...).

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon this picture in a Google+ post with the following title "Feral Interactive Buys AMD Hardware To Optimize Linux Games":


Are developer-companies actually taking their own steps towards Linux-specific hardware opimization?

It would seem so :) and I hope this could start as a trend for similar game development companies in the coming future.