29 June, 2016

Nvidia graphics-accelerators

After being an AMD fanboy for a long time, I must admit Nvidia has the graphics market quite cornered.

My latest upgrade included an EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 SSC ACX2.0+

The one I had before that could barely grasp on the gaming-development cycle of it's time, yet alone the newer developments.

So, after a lot of researching and testing at friend's places, I concluded Nvidia has developed the superior gaming-tool(s). PhysX has no rival technologies (in PC hardware at least), as for the newer tech: HairWorks and GameWorks, I have no special opinions. They're there. Nuff said.

I'm rather more interested in the CUDA-cores and their hardware-accelerators, more specifically NVENC the hardware-accelerated HDV-encoder.

Not to mention all the recent "woo-haw" around VR.