01 November, 2014

What is (was) UNIX?

Well, here is a simple explanation from the creators themselves ;)

Here is another blogg-post about UNIX:

Nekro >:D

I don't usually tend to fork out wet stinky for Early Access-games on Steam, but, on this occasion I made an exception. After watching LinuxGameCast's episode about it, I just couldn't help myself :P

( Forward to 9:02 for review of Nekro's Early Access )

Excerpt from the Nekro Steam-page:
Raise demons and spawn unholy weapons of war as a powerful Necromancer with an insatiable blood lust. Customize your minions to your liking and perfect your ideal "monster loadout." Tear your enemies limb from limb and harvest their corpses to strengthen your dark magics.

For an Early Access beta, this game is surprisingly well made (and even debugged(!)) to be at version Not even at pre-release stage and it behaves like a release already.

It ran exceptionally well on Linux (32-bit "Unity"-game on 64-bit Linux).


All the following screenshots are from the