21 September, 2009

A brief little UNIX history video


Well, if you're a *nix-geek like myself, this is very interesting stuff ^^,
As the creators of UNIX themselves portray, UNIX was in fact created with these points in mind:
  • Simplify computing (yes, computing was MUCH more complex before UNIX arrived).
  • Inspire computing communities / collaboration / sharing.
Do these points remind you of any ongoing projects related to OS development online, huh? (You should be leaning against the open-source movement and the Linux-kernel.)

Linux was created because Linus Torvalds found it frustrating that he couldn't run a similar POSIX-compliant system on his x86-based PC at home while studying at Helsinki - Finland. At his Uni, he used the Solaris-system (Sun's UNIX implementation) on SPARC-machines (Sun workstations). And since Solaris was proprietary and business-/academic-/scientific-oriented, it was also quite expensive.

So, Linux was in fact created because it was needed by it's author.

Similarly, UNIX was the brainchild of two computer scientists in the 60s, because it was NEEDED.

Allthough they had different reasons for needing the systems in mind, they were both created because of necessity.

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