07 September, 2009

Spotify @ Android

Hellz yeeeeah ;D

Finally, Spotify for Android is out!
But alass, my phone gives me the error-message: "Download unsuccessfull" after trying to get it from Android Market.

F***ing Market...

Update, 09:00

Ok, I found a solution to my problem, since it seems a lot of ppl have had the same issue. I basically found a truncated URL-link, downloaded the APK package to my SD card, and installed it via "AppManager" (available at Android Market).

Update, wednesday september 9th

Seems this has been an issue for quite a few people, and on the download-page for android @ spotify.com, they've even put this in the introductory text, offering a manual download link to the APK package as of version 0.3.20 (telling developers and owners of the G1-version to proceed using this manual option. I suspect my troubles are caused by me updating the phone firmware with a minor version-update from HTC, but I really hope this gets resolved in the 1.6-release).

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