26 October, 2009

Windows 7

Reading today's news headlines, you'll be sure to hit an article or two saying the Linux ommunity loves Windows 7. And yes, this is a fact. Even Linus Torvalds himself has been caught promoting Win7 (picture above).

From tuxradar.com: "It's official: we love Windows 7"

And according to them, their pagehits and search requests seem to indicate that people are actually validating operating systems before shelling off their precious $$$'s without as much as a question. Since the release of Win7, tuxradar has been receiving page requests for two specific articles on their site: Linux vs Windows 7 and Benchmarked: Ubuntu vs Vista vs Windows 7.

I find this really pleasing, foremost because if these visitors are non tech-savvy people, it shows that the efforts of the open source communities are finally showing some kind of influence on how people determine their computing needs.

This also shows the effect social networking has had on people's Internet habits, most of the hits on these pages are probably linking from blogs, social networks, IRC, twitter and the like. The electron-generations are finally getting recognition from 'the pinkies' (squares, conservatives, whatever you like to call them).

I've been testing Win7 RC myself in a virtual machine @ work, and I must admit, Microsoft has really pulled it off this time.

It's fast, secure, intuitive, goodlooking and it just works!

And as a result of all that linking, people are getting more aware about Linux and it's surrounding communities!


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