06 October, 2009

NetBook Linux

I've been testing and trying to install a few untraditional Linux-flavours on my Eee 900 PC netbook. But much to my dismay, a lot of the distros targeted at netbooks are highly unstable on my Eee 900 for some reason (the unstable one's are usually ubuntu-derived, which dosen't really surprise me that much, I've had problems with all the ubuntu-flavours I've tried, even on standard desktop PCs).

But, that doesn't discourage me at all. I'm still trying to find an ubuntu-derivative that WILL work on my Eee 900.

So, next up I'll try CrunchBang, a minimalistic and stripped-down netbook-distro that reminds me of Slackware for some weird reason(?). It utilizes an OpenBox-based right-click, simple gestures UI.

But.., shouldn't CrunchBang work, I'll try my last resort, namely Slax. I know Slax works out-of-the-box on just about anything x86-based, the only thing I don't like about it, is the way it handles installing additional software. It takes a rather high-level approach (package-modules) compared to Slackware's original approach (gzipped tarballs), and I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. I can say I haven't always had good experiences using this package-system, running into problems ranging from software that just won't run no matter how much I tweak configs after installing them, and even throwing the machine into a panic after installing slax-modules from the online respository.

Anyway, I'll come back to how it went, and if it went well, I'll post a walkthrough on how I did what I did to make it work.

Update friday oktober 16th:

CrunchBang didn't work, nor did any of the other various Ubuntu flavours and derivatives that I tried to install on my Eee900. I'm completely giving up Ubuntu and Debian flavours, they just give me headaches.

If the website of my next distro-attempt is up, I'll be trying "SlackEee".

Good'ol Slackware derivatives. What would I do without Slack?

Update monday november 2nd:

I made my choice. And yes, it fell on Ubuntu-derivatives :P I chose the Norwegian-developed distribution "Easy Peasy 1.5".

Here are my reasons:
  • it installed without supervision.
  • it has all the apps I need.
  • it is not power-hungry.
  • it is quick and intuitive.
  • it is based upon major-distro's (Debian/Ubuntu).
  • it has exponential security patching and regular update intervals (Ubuntu).
  • it has source-repositories for easy compilation and a plethora of non-standard repo's online which alltogether offer a massive software collection.

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