09 October, 2009

Android -- niche-market or mainstay?

As a lot of news-agencies are catching up (veeeeeery slowly) on the mobile operating system market, Android seems to gain serious momentum with the big OEMs (LG, HTC, Samsung, Dell, etc). Which is a very good thing. The more in-house developers make applications for Android, the Android Market builds up a quite good variety of applications and suites for Android-based mobile phones.

Now, time will show if different vendor's apps will work on different vendor-hardware. Which was one of Google's main goals in developing the Android platform in the first place, in addition to provide their cloud-services on mobile devices that is... And it seems the apps developed with Android SDK are cross-compatible with different hardware that has been released thus far. Let's just hope and cross our fingers (fellow Android-users) that this trend will continue, to enrich and empower the Android platform as a standards-compliant major mobile operating system..., instead of it just phasing into oblivion as "one of those mobile platforms that just didn't evolve into something BIG".

From my talks and discussions with friends and fellow geeks/nerds, it seems Apple is catching the mobile market in Scandinavia, but not knowing how many techies sitting in dark, dimmed rooms.., tapping their Android-screens and maybe even developing the next major innovative application, it's not going to present any valid statistical numbers until Google has released their collected download-and usage-statistics of Android.

So for now, we'll just have to kick back, and enjoy our Android-powered smart-devices.., and wait...

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