01 October, 2009

Why you should try Slackware

From Alien Pasture > Linux Journal interview with Eric Hameleers

Really interesting read if you're into Linux. The article takes up points about how and why Slackware Linux should be considered one of the de-facto Linux distro's out there ;)

Using descriptions like "since 1993 (...) the operating system has maintained a minimalist approach to computing" gives it more credability as the most Unix-like Linux-system available today.

Eric's notes also give more credit to Slackware as the definitive vanilla-distro.
"Slackware has an extremely lean design, intended to make you experience Linux the way the software authors intended. This is accomplished by applying patches as little as possible - preferably for stability or compatibility reasons only."
"The testimonials of ‘converted’ Slackware users at LinuxQuestions.org and other forums show that Slackware’s philosophy of giving full trust to the system admin is an eye-opener to people who struggled with the other distros before. This continuous influx of ‘converts’ is one of the reasons that Slackware has not disappeared into oblivion. Slackware assumes you are smart! This appeals to people."
And his best quote-worthy saying, which to me has become alpha-omega.

"To me, Slackware remains the Swiss army knife of Linux."

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