12 October, 2009

I thought it was dead...

For the past year, I've been rummaging through my computer-equipment boxes, throwing out and putting aside components. Which was a good idea, I've saved MASSIVE amounts of space by binning a lot of my legacy boards, obsolete hardware/software and determining which of my computers are still worthy as computing-tools.

And last week, I just finished the whole ordeal.

Then.., my netbook failed to boot up. My ONLY surviving workstation, craps out on me...

Next up: forum-surfing in text-mode on my Slackware Linux server, because I haven't really bothered to configure X for my Samsung LCD-TV.

To my surprise, I found a possible solution and explanation why my Eee900PC just would not boot, in a mere couple of minutes.

Turns out, the Eee netbooks from Asus (the early 7-900 versions) have troubles utilizing JUST the power-cord when the battery is totally drained... WTF!? I've used quite the ensemble of different vendor-notebooks and laptops over the years, but I've NEVER run into this problem before.

"O-K" I thought, let's try to plug the power-cord in after I've removed and inserted the battery-case, and see what happens.

B-I-N-G-O! The netbook started flashing a red led-light (which means it's charging the battery), and it booted without any problems after charging the battery for a good half hour. But this was definately one of the most bizarre WTF-moments I've had in a long time. I had no idea super-compressed netbooks had to have battery-juice in order for the mainboard to draw power from it's PSU...

weird, for the sake of weird... huh?

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