16 November, 2009

Whoah! :o

I bet no-one ever imagined Microsoft would do a 360 like this on code-licensing.

For once.., Microsoft has given in to public pressure about one of their products(!). FINALLY!

They admitted their app "Windows 7 DVD/USB Download Tool" contained code from the CodePlex-project "ImageMaster", they even decided to comply with the GPLv2 by releasing the code-additions on CodePlex(!).

Thing is, they (MS) contracted a third-party vendor to deliver the app, but with shared responsibility for code revisal, which THEY (MS) took full responsibility for (admitting the added CodePlex-code was overlooked in the process).

The official word from Microsoft:
When it comes to our attention that a Microsoft component contains third party code, our aim is to be respectful of the terms under which that code is being shared. As a result, we will be making the source code as well as binaries for this tool available next week under the terms of the General Public License v2 ... and are also taking measures to apply what we have learned from this experience for future code reviews we perform.

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