27 November, 2009

Social Desktops

With EasyPeasy for NetBooks and Google Chromium OS hitting the desktop-markets these days, does everyone actually know what a "Social Desktop" is?

You could read about it on wikipedia.org, but I thought I would do my readers a favour and explain it in really simple terms.

A desktop is just what you see on your computer-screen when you've logged in to your system.

A 'Social Desktop' is an interface on top of a desktop that integrates social web-services (like: facebook, myspace, twitter, last.fm, live rss-feeds, etc.) into one unified interface, so you won't have to open a browser with a dozen tabs open to log in to your favourite web-services.

It is also a technique to design GUIs, to make things more accessible and easy to use (much like ergonomics in work environments to ease physical strain).

P.S. - it is worth noting that neither Google nor EasyPeasy have released any fully working 'Social Desktop' environments yet, but they're in the making.

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