24 April, 2009

Linux Mint maintainer

Clement Lefebvre is the BDFL and core maintainer of Linux Mint (an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution I'm considering to implement on my mom's, and my dad's computers because of the Windows 7-hysteria).

I really like this guy, coz he's had a very similar Linux-experience as I have since the 90's. Here's a little quote to exemplify:

I started using Linux in 1996. It was Slackware(!) and I was quite happy with it. I learnt a lot about the internals of the system thanks to that distribution. A few years later more and more distributions became available and at the same time people started to get fast Internet at home with faster and faster download speeds. So I started distro-hopping... a lot :) I enjoyed many different distributions and for different reasons.

As I became more experienced with Linux I started asking myself how I could contribute back. I spent a lot of time helping out on different IRC channels and writing tutorials and reviews on the web. Eventually I even got paid for it and started writing for LinuxForums.com (you can still read some of my contributions here). I specialized more and more on distribution reviews and after a while I became expert (or so I thought anyway :) at seeing pros and cons in each one of them.

Looking at all the other distributions, I got a very precise idea of how I would make the perfect desktop if I was to do it myself. And because everything is easy when you're having fun, it wasn't long until I was producing my first ISO files.

So, to put it all together, we started using Linux about the same time, AND we used the same distro.

And by reading his blog-posts on linuxmint.com, I realized he has a lot of the same ideas as me, quite similar development guidelines, etc.

Linux Mint appealed to me basically ;)

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