21 April, 2009

Computer illiterates are dangerous!

On Friday, EFF and the law firm of Fish and Richardson filed an emergency motion to quash and for the return of seized property on behalf of a Boston College computer science student whose computers, cell phone, and other property were seized as part of an investigation into who sent an e-mail to a school mailing list identifying another student as gay. The problem? Not only is there no indication that any crime was committed, the investigating officer argued that the computer expertise of the student itself supported a finding of probable cause to seize the student's property.

The whole problem started because the computer science student was using a command-line interface, of which the arresting officer did not understand. Quotes from the arresting officer's report say:
"Mr.Carlixte uses two different operating systems to hide his illegal activities. One is the regular B.C. operating system and the other is a black screen with white font which he uses prompts on"

I mean.., c'mon! Seriously!? Are all computer hobbyists to be considered "crackers" until proven otherwise? FFS!!!

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Olti said...

Uhhh. WTF indeed!

pizslacker said...

10 years, 10 f*****g years to revert this... FFS.

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