21 August, 2009


UNIX, the monster monolith... 4 decades old, which really deserves attention and praise because, it is the only surviving old-school OS that has been in use, every day, ever since it's creation...

Since it's early days, where it was mainly developed to be a multi-user environment for mainframes (BIG super-computers, commonly found in universities and big IT companies), and by 1975, it had been chosen to be the base for the Internet backbone because of it's "presentation of several interesting capabilities".

The 80s saw the arrival of the microcomputer chip, which led to the creation of the PC, and started a porting- and rewrite-project at Berkeley University, of UNIX-code to the common-affordable x86 instruction-set. These efforts culminated in the creation of several software-distributions for Personal Computers at different universities in the U.S., more commonly known as "BSDs", which is an acronym for "Berkeley* Software Distribution".

To name a couple of the popular ones available today: FreeBSD, DesktopBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OpenBSD, etc...

I would also like to point out my UNIX post from January 2008 ;)

* it is also known as "Berkeley UNIX"

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