13 August, 2009

The corporate environment

I'm sorry to say (not really, but I'll get into that later) that this looks like the last month I'll be working @ my current job.

I can honestly say I'm sick and tired.., nay, PISSED OFF at people with over-exaggerated opinions of themselves, driven only by their enormous power-seeking egoes...

Every time I have started work @ new office/business over the last 5 years, I almost certainly ended up working for these kind of people, which lately started to directly affect my work. And as a tragic turn of events, ended up giving the bastards more than one valid reason for discharging me, but they did not do so... Instead, they saw an opportunity to take major advantage of the situation and abuse my abilities to the fullest extent, while threatening with a dishonourable discharge if I don't comply.

It's not that I'm ungrateful for the advantages I've been given or anything like that, but being told I'm not that devoted to my work, when all I've done for my employers is sacrifising my free time and also giving 110% at the same time.

Not being devoted enough? For Fuck's Sake!

Firstly, while I was given "flex-hours" (governing your own work schedule), I was stripped of the opportunity to work overtime, which in turn meant a fixed-rate salary every month.., no matter how much I worked! B.S.!

Then, in the 1st Q of 2009, my boss hired a P.R. consultant. This in itself did not do much in terms of working arrangements or anything. But, eventually, it became clear to me (and the lead programmer of the company) that this P.R. consultant was in fact, quite incompetent in our area of expertise.

And, as if this wasn't enough, he was endowed with the title "Staff Manager", and why you ask? Because he had managed a pizza-shop full of teenagers before he ended up at our offices.

Yes, a pizza-shop manager ended up staff manager at an IT company specializing in business-2-business, business-2-customer and electronic invoicing. Go figure...

So, to show how much he appreciated my work, Mr.PR had kept an eye on me, the six months he had spent @work, noting non-standard conduct on my part, compiling a massive offensive. In my opinion, this is not showing respect. And not showing respect, yields nothing in return as a result, period.

You cannot expect to recieve respect, if you do not show any on your own part, *moan*-*sigh*, some people are just absolute fucking morons... no matter what.

Just to clearify, I'm not whining because I might not have a job in 30 days. I'm generally pissed off because you'd think that grown men over 40-50yrs would be more fourthcoming and blunt about the whole mess.

But instead, they're fussing about what I'm costing the company in these unstable times, and that they cannot afford to keep my position any further.

So, either they had planned this all along, over a whole year! Or, they're just serving me bullshit to try and scare me to do something stupid to push me off the edge of my career, which is *NOT* going to happen.

I'll keep on showing up in the mornings to come, smiling ear-to-ear, tearing THEM down, day by day...

P.S. (14.08.2009 12:20)
I am not trying to act out a fit, or deliberately pissing them off with a clear conscience. Rather, I'm playing them at their own game. They can't fire me because they need me, and I can't quit because I need the cash.

Coincidentally, I've already been to a few job interviews, and to my surprise, this time around it wasn't really that hard to get them like so many times before. What with my newly appended CV, stronger and longer working experience and better understanding of business in general. Actually I find my self-entitled "unemployed period" to be quite tempering.

Kind of a blessing in disguise if you think about it =)

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