25 August, 2009

iPhone vs Google Voice

From what I gather about this case, various people were protesting against Apple Inc. for dismissing Google Voice for the iPhone. But the thing is, Apple is still studying the app using their thoroughly developed app approval-routine.

What's holding the app back for the iPhone, is telecommunication giant AT&T. Because, in the U.S., iPhone was not offered by any carrier except AT&T. Sending text messages, listening to voicemail, calling, etc. can ALL be done through Google Voice, bypassing the normal GSM telenetwork infrastructure, and instead, sending the data as TCP datastreams over Internet connections. So.., AT&T is *NOT* happy about ISVs developing software that unifies all their own lines of services in one package, utilizing free-flow data-connections to transmit, instead of their own service-dependant charged mobile carrier lines.

BUT, Apple has released some of it's notations about the Google Voice app for the iPhone, saying that it's a matter of user interface design principals and technical functions that differ from that of the standard iPhone development. But if it's uniformity they want, why can't they also abide to other operating system UI-guidelines when they port their own software? This is one of the main reasons why I don't use Apple software on my own computers. Unless.., I buy a Mac.

Link to article @ www.latimes.com

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