23 February, 2008

Everex "Cloudbook" running gOS ("Google Linux")

Everex Cloudbook:

From the Everex website:

Think CloudBook

Experience the Ultimate in Mobility 9 Inches, 2 pounds, 5 hours of battery life. Surf, email, blog, IM, Skype, compute. Cloud computing makes it simple and easy for everyone.

Based on the latest gOS Rocket operating system, the ultra-mobile Everex PC comes with popular applications from Google, Mozilla, Skype, OpenOffice.org and more.

Find your $399 CloudBook at
Walmart.com and ZaReason.com.

Additional Preinstalled and Linked Software

Mozilla Firefox, gMail, Meebo, Skype, Wikipedia, GIMP, Blogger, YouTube, Xing Movie Player, RythemBox, Faqly, Facebook and OpenOffice.org 2.3 (includes WRITER, IMPRESS, DRAW, CALC, BASE)

Hardware Specifications
1.2GHz, VIA C7®-M Processor ULV, 512MB DDR2 533MHz, SDRAM, 30GB Hard Disk Drive, 7" WVGA TFT Display (800 x 480), VIA UniChrome Pro IGP Graphics, VIA High-Definition Audio, 802.11b/g, (1) 10/100 Ethernet Port, (1) DVI-I Port, (2) USB 2.0 Ports, (1) 4-in1 Media Card Reader, (1) .3MP Webcam, (1) Headphone/Line-Out Port, (1) Microphone/Line-In Port, (1) Set of Stereo Speaker, (1) Touchpad, (1) 4-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery


What's even more exciting about Everex, is their desktop computer featuring gOS, the "gPC".

I think "free computing" is becoming more and more attractive to a lot of users in the US. It's always been an accepted principal to use open source software in Norway, authorities are even considering "open formats" for official state documents nowadays. We've even seen groups and initiatives form as a result of open source software being more and more talked about in the media, etc.

I think this is all really encouraging.

Since I use all-Google web-apps for my daily 'webbing', this wouldn't be a bad choice, despite the extra $200 compared to the OLPC. This unit actually CAN do computer tasks, as well as basic gaming and emulation. Worth mentioning is also the 5 hour battery life expectancy, this really won my vote.

"gOS" on the web:

gOS mezmerizes me. It is a complete platform to do basic computing, as well as development! ;) Includes desktop-shortcuts to well-known online resources and web-applications, from Google online apps, to web-based instant messaging services like meebo.com, and a lot more. Native, locally installed applications and environments include: Openoffice.org for office tasks, Enlightenment as a window manager giving the GUI a really updated and fresh look, the standardized web-suite from Mozilla; Firefox (browsing) and Thunderbird (mail), Pidgin and Skype for P2P instant messaging and the GIMP for image manipulation.

gOS provides a complete desktop environment for general use, without overloading the system with unnecessary overbloated software-packages.

gOS IS considered beta-software, but computer-manufacturers dispatching systems with gOS have all given positive feedback from customers, and the first stock at Walmart were sold out at launch and over 2000+ developers downloaded the distribution in the first 48 hours of launch. All good notions about this system. And using gOS, gives you freely available system updates, nice ;-) open source at it's best!

Allthough I'm still waiting for Acer's contribution to the Ultra Mobile-scene, this candidate has won my attention for the time being... and sporting all this hardware for under 2200 NOK, not bad at all ;P

In comparison, my Playstation 3 40GB cost almost double that.

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