08 February, 2008

Digital audio I/O connection module

I've decided I'm going for a Creative® Digital I/O Module.
To complete my sound-setup with all audio-connection abilities. Mature connection-plugs let's me rid myself of the clumsy RCA-2-Jack cables lying all around as well... I just hope the soundcard processes the signals through hardware, and not software.

If it happens to be software, I may be in the dark for a while, cos' I'm running all-OSS (Open Source Software) on the machine in question. Let's just cross our fingers ;P the module only costs some £19 = approx. 205 NOK.

Read more about my audio-setup here.

Update February 13, 2008
As it turns out, it DOES pass through hardware, BUT...it doesn't work on my SB Audigy 2 ZS, mainly because what I THOUGHT was a digital I/O port, was in reality just a digital out port :( Looks like I've got to wait for the Creative X-Fi open source drivers and go for an X-Fi card. Oh Creative, why did you assemble a digital I/O port on the Value-version, and not the original?

Ah well...(ballz!)...

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