01 February, 2008

Home cinema setup

My Hitachi PJTX100 3-panel LCD HD-projector, which can produce from 30 to 300 inches of 720P High Def imagery ;-) I know, it's not FULL HD, but who f****n' cares, I DARE ya to find a projector that can produce that kind of quality for right under 6000 NOK = approx. 1100 USD (used, and not that bad a price, considering it's only 2 years old, well, 1 when I bought it, and it's been to service 1 time).

02.02.2008 - A little update on my setup:

Connected to the projector:
2 x computers via S-VIDEO switch
1 x Playstation TWO via component
1 x Playstation 3 via component
1 x VCR (which amplifies the TV-cable input) via SCART-2-composite

The sound-part:

I'm currently using my desktop-computer (running vanilla Slackware Linux 12.0) as a sound-hub, dispersing analogue 5.1 sound through a Creative Audigy 2 ZS (v1, NOT VALUE!)
soundcard. Best PCI-card I have EVER bought! Bargain really, considering I bought it unboxed ;P at 400 NOK = $73. It has a plethora of different audio connectors I've never seen on a card that wasn't meant for studio-production. Allthough, newer soundcards incorporate both mature Coax & Optical SPDIF's, this card presents the connection-abilities I need. It can be frustrating for a person with absolutely no experience with audio-connectors, since it requires some rather unusual RCA-2-Jack connectors for Coaxial SPDIF-input. In it's day, it was the only commercially available soundcard to sport 24Bit/96Khz audio sampling for home-users, and it has more than enough audio processing power to not even diffuse the superb' TOSLINK audio quality of my Playstation 3 (that serves as the CD-audio, DVD-audio and MP3-audio playback unit in the setup)...

...and it connects through jack-connectors to my "NOT-so-outdated" Creative Inspire 5800
speaker-set, according to a friend @ work. He told me the company takeover Creative did on speaker manufacturer "Cambridge SoundWorks" (note the "Creative" signia-logo on the site) liftet their stand on the Hi-Fi market. And surprisingly, my speaker-set incorporates some pretty decent speaker-elements ;D For a 5.1 Hi-Fi set at 800 NOK = $145. "A budget-system, but nonetheless it out-rivals other systems of same quality at higher prices!"

Also running from the soundcard, using a jack-splitter on the center/subwoofer channel, is a DIY 10" subwoofer w/monoblock amplification.

All-in-all the system setup sports the ability to decode the following surround formats using hardware codecs: Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital EX / DTS / Dolby ProLogic and Dolby ProLogic II, giving flexibility as well as superb sound quality for petty cash ;D

Connected to the soundcard:
1 x notebook via jack-2-coaxial SPDIF
1 x Playstation TWO via component-RCA
1 x Playstation 3 via TOSLINK
1 x VCR via SCART-2-RCA

RCA connects via cheap sound-switch.

And yes, I don't go to the cinemas anymore, it's just not worth the price they charge. Freedom of choice bit***s! ^_^

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