03 October, 2010

Pure fiber-fun!

I love using Linux this day and age :) I remember back in the DOS/Windows-days when you needed a specific program, but you wouldn't necessarily buy the program because you'd only use it once, then shelf it. So.., you'd BORROW software instead. Which was fine, back in the glory-days... Nowadays, everyone's crying "license this!" and "license that!".

If you wanted to upgrade any software, or even the OS itself.., you'd have to pre-order it and wait.

Today, there's no waiting, and no "postage pre-ordering". You pretty much just connect to a download-server and download whatever you're looking for. Either paid, or for free (I tend to favor the latter, even though I donate to various open-source projects).

If I want a specific program to do a specific job, the procedure is as follows:
  1. Read up on OSS projects focusing on my desired application-type.
  2. Figure out which one is the most stable by reading user-feedback.
  3. See if my OS has a version of the app I want in it's repositories.
  4. Download the app via my OS' package management system.
  5. Use the app for whatever, whenever ;D
My point being; I love to download new apps to tinker and toy with. Especially when I don't have to spend loads of hours downloading the app-data.

For example, downloading 3,3MBs of application-data/-binaries on a 30mbps fiber-connection took me about 1 second:
Need to get 3,386kB of archives. After unpacking 14.2MB will be used.
Fetched 3,386kB in 1s (2,122kB/s)

At which the computer is only using a fraction of the capability available, I just love it! Just thinking about the times I spent on the family-computer in my younger days, downloading linux source-packages through either a radio-connection (400/100) or an ADSL-connection (1000/600), makes me shudder and laugh XD

Welcome 30000/30000 FTTH! ;D

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