21 August, 2010

NAT, Ports and DNS

I really, really love Linux :)

After setting up my own domain (june'08), I figured I'd set up a Linux NAT gateway to support the Internet availability @ home.

NATing (changing originator address to pass packets from one network to another) a public interface and a local interface on the gateway, forwarding and filtering inbound/outbound traffic from an internal LAN out through the public interface.

Not only did this have a nice balancing-effect with online connectivity, but concentrating all routers in the house to use the gateway as the local firewall also had a relaxing effect on the internal networks and their online connectivity as well :) Nicely-Nicely!

I can also route everything on the internal networks to act accordingly towards the domain and it's static IP address :p



Additional, Aug 21st, 19:41-GMT+1:

Having everything (traffic) pass through, I also set up monitoring software on the gateway. And I must say, it's like running a mini-ISP :D topology-maps, connection-monitor, firewall-monitor :p my very own personal NOC.

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