17 September, 2010

Global broadband speeds

...I thought it was a joke when people said we (Norwegians) have world-class Internet connection speeds. As I'm personally utilizing a 30Mbps fiber-connection, I've grown used to "instant access", and the concept of "lag" is far off from my list of worries nowadays.

But it wasn't always like that. I also remember the times of modem-breath, ISDN and yes, even radio-transmission-Internet (this was offered to people in my area who didn't have access to DSLAM-enabled phone-centrals (more commonly known as ADSL)). So I do have experience doing the "click-and-wait-game".

But after researching statistics, documents, ISP websites and various other information sources online, I was quite surprised.

Most countries in the world have to settle for average speeds UNDER 4Mbps! 4Mbps was the national MINIMUM for an ISP to even be able to call their service "broadband" in Norway 4-5 years ago(!). As this link shows, Norway along with a select few other European countries is in the top-percentage of high-speed broadband-Internet availability(!).

Only beaten by a small percentage of American ISPs offering 1Gbps uplinks.

Ironically, various ISP-companies in Norway are now considering building 1Gbps backbone-rings for public access.

I really, REALLY like current events! ;D Nerdalicious!

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