08 July, 2010

Go-go Andy, GO! ;D

"Andy" has definitely had an international impact on the mobile device market the past twelve months. Google cites statistics gathered worldwide, saying they're activating around 160.000 handsets each day - with a little 'math-magic' this equates to 58 million sold Android handset devices. To compare, 4 months ago these numbers were 20.000 handsets a day - 22 million a year.

All of this is only statistics, however, keep in mind that the Android mobile platform ranked on the top-5 smartphone sales list in only a couple of years - not a bad feat at all considering Microsoft and RIM has dominated this market for quite a few years already, not to mention the arrival of Apple's (dreaded?) iPhone.

Cudos to Google and the Google Teams for bringing us an open-source based solution that rubs shoulders with the biggest, baddest boys in the biz'.

I know I'm more than satisfied with my HTC Desire Android-phone :P

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