25 March, 2009

Restrictions, copyright, modification

After watching the NUUG's webcast video of RMS's (Richard M. Stallman, FSF) 2009 Oslo copyright speech, I had a lot of ideas and opinions floating around.

What he said about proprietary software vendors implementing backdoors, malicious functions and spy-features did not surprise me, but what he said about Microsoft's latest systems DID.

I knew that they have always put in security-features making them able to update and/or fetch debug information about crashes and bugs.

But having the ability and non-authorized access to modify personal computer systems without the user knowing, pissed me off. You can definitely assume I'M not going to use neither Windows 7 or any of the Vista-flavours.

I use Windows XP Professional @ work, because I have to, not because I prefer to. That's it. My netbook runs Xandros (modified Debian), my server/desktop @ home runs Slackware Linux (-Current). And, as soon as it hits the electronics stores, I'm going for an Android-powered smartphone ;)

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