31 March, 2009

Like I said...

Like in my previous post, a lot of IT professionals are also realizing the global network threat that is upon us.

Crackers (like everybody else) are now able to hookup to a decent Internet-connection with "broadband"-sufficient bandwidth, which also means; crackers are now globally able to take down multi-national corporation networks without too much hassle (provided they're not secured too much, not that it can't be bypassed, it just takes a lot longer to do it).

While researching how to protect my domain and network @ home, I discovered this article @ computerworld.com, entitled "100% Cure for Conficker": http://blogs.computerworld.com/100_cure_for_conficker

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Cyber Critic) advises people to jump over from traditional DNS systems, to OpenDNS. After switching my static DNS adresses in my router(s), I found some interesting features in OpenDNS, like the ability to stop phishing-attack attempts, or advanced adress-filtering. They've gone through the works and secured the OpenDNS system to be as secure as can be, without crippling day-to-day performance.

For example, you have to be a registered OpenDNS user with a/multiple registered and confirmed IP-adress(es) to use name resolving through OpenDNS.

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