10 March, 2009

Choosing the right flavour...

A lot of Linux enthusiasts argue/claim that Slackware Linux is an outdated and obsolete Linux distro.

Fair enough, if compared to more modern bleeding-edge distributions like Ubuntu, SuSe, Gentoo and the like.

Allthough Slackware is a vanilla-distro (little or no changes/patches to system packages what-so-ever), it can be TWEAKED to include whatever you'd like. It is one of the last "hands-on" distributions out there. ANYTHING can be hacked/tweaked to suit any needs.

Slack forces the user to learn Linux from the ground up, and by this learning-curve, makes the user able to do whatever on whatever distribution in question. However, there are custom-distro's that focuses on specific user-scenarios: Ubuntu serves as a good "out-of-the-box" operating system for "gnubies", Fedora is Red Hat-based and serves as a rock-solid server framework or a good place to start as a sysadmin, SuSe is very good at security and Gentoo for compilation-wizards and optimization-gurus.

But since Slackware is the oldschool-type, it is basically barebones.., it is the base, and it works!

Patrick Volkerding is the maintainer and "BDFL" of Slackware Linux.

The three S' o' Slack:
  • Simplicity
  • Stability
  • Security

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