30 May, 2008

Open Source Software FTW!

Promising, promising...

I can't wait until an OEM releases a cellphone with a fully implemented Android software stack. The embedded video below (sporting 2 developers from Google), demonstrates the (simple,sleak,usable) beautiful user interface and some of the current functions from Android. If the final released version even resembles what they show here, I'm _definately_ switching to an OSS Cellphone!

Actually, I'll probably switch most of my embedded equipment to OSS-driven products, and especially Android, because it's Google-sponsored. Giving me a "all-in-one" solution to; e-mail, browsing, text-messaging and telephony. And if they incorporate a Blogger-feature into Android, I'll be in techie-heaven! ;P

iPhone, eat your heart out!


I love Google ^_^

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Olti said...

Exactly what I've been waiting for! After I saw OpenMoco, I knew there would be a huge market for OSS! =)

pizslacker said...

I know, OSS will inherit a lot of 'The Net'-market, no? ;P

pizslacker said...

I'm still eager waiting for the Asus Eee with a NO qwerty keyboard. I _REALLY_ hope they release the "Eee PC 900" in June, instead of the "Eee PC 8GB/4GB".

pizslacker said...

Do you know if they're adding a norwegian qwerty-layout on the Norwegian models?

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