27 January, 2015

IT article-comments

Found this very amusing comment on G+ following this article:

Microsoft is a dead man walking.  They represent the last man standing in the first great public software rip off of the 1980s.  The won the brutal "slog" to dominance in that world but the result is a disaster for them.  The corpse they stitched together from parts of dead competitors is obsolete and coming apart at the seams.  Despite decades of effort and purchase of some of the world's finest companies, they can't make their software competitive on servers, cell phones, music players, or anything outside the rapidly shrinking x86 market.  They can't compete with the free world.  Unable to steal the current generation of free software by software patent Ponzi schemes, they must again pretend they love their users and competitors in a last ditch effort to raise another generation of coders to rip off.  Nope, that's not going to happen.
Funny, funny shit :P but does it also have some sense of truth to it? Maybe... maybe it does.

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