05 January, 2015

Google Chrome / Chromium browser

I have been a promoter for Google-branded software for some time now. Basically, because they do it right!

And I am especially fond of Google's Chrome / Chromium browser(s). They have adequate security (sandboxing, etc.), superb' GUI-handling / -principles (tabs, integrated tools, etc.). It is the all-in-one multi-purpose web-tool for both users and developers in my opinion, and a lot of others.

But, I tend to hear a lot of complaining about "chrome getting slower over time", "chrome tends to crash rather abruptly", "it's beta-software, don't use it, use explorer", and the like.

I only have one thing to say about the matter:

Extending and plugging a software-package can be a good thing, indeed, when it's necessary to, but it really is a double-edged sword technology... too many extensions slows loading / writing and even exiting of a program / OS. OS-specific resource-handling suffers as well, which in turn is misinterpreted as performance-issues of the program itself.

This particular advice also concerns operating systems (you know; OS X, Windows and Linux), the more crap (especially third-party bloatware and/or fake-service(s)) that hog up precious resources, the more sluggish and decrepit your system will appear to be.

Mac OS X and Windows also suffer from bloatware, malware and occasionally; viruses. Of which all can be prevented and removed, easily. If you prepare!

Updating core system components is vital! If a system is properly updated, it makes it that much more hard for a potential cracker to break in / steal / hi-jack / sabotage.

Be vigilant, clean your shit (browser-cache(s), OS-specific temp-files, etc) and secure your system(s) to the best of your ability (or the abilities of a more competent friend / family-member / co-worker).

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