10 June, 2010

A few words...

Ok, to start off, I've always said people obsess about desirable objects of irrelevance.

This is exactly what I think of the fuss about iPad, iPod, iPhone, and the like.

I used to be an Apple fanboy, using Macintosh machines and software for DTP/PR illustration and artwork purposes. But these days, what's the point?

"Think different"?

Well, Apple-machines run on the same hardware as PCs running Microsoft Windows these days. Suffice to say Apple has definitely shifted the last decade, and not for the better if you ask me.

iPhone? - I actually love my HTC Desire Google Android smartphone very much thank you.

iPod? - My HTC Desire runs Spotify and has my entire favorites collection stored offline on the SD-card.

iPad? - Nooot really my bag. I think I'll be waiting a little while for some ubuntu pre-installed pc-pad, which does not restrict my computing in any way, and is way cheaper per high-spec component compared to Apple-products.

There's a major difference between the phrases "need to have" and "just works". I prefer the second, but then again maybe I have a little more than average understanding of technology, to better cope with the situation should the software not function as advertised. That's the major problem with OSS software, it does not come with a guarantee of operation, you either have to make it work yourself, or pay for the support to get it working. Mind you, the linux-support available is extraordinarily useful and easy compared to big proprietary ISVs.

I've given up telling people about these facts. The only people that listen to such advice about computer equipment and/or software choices, are people that eventually prefer Linux over Mac OS X and Windows as their everyday OS.

Sure, I can understand that in Scandinavia, we have a rather sore relationship with the word "free". The past has not proven the word to have any positive meaning in any areas, This was also why the OSS community split from the FSF in the 90s. The wrong words for the right thing if you ask me.

I think it's awesome that I can download software-packages from the Internet via University and/or ISP mirror-servers, and make a computer-device work out-of-the-box on an operating system I got the same way :) way to go Torvalds, FSF and the OSS communities!


Edit, 10:44PM:

My point with "need to have" and "just works", was the freedom of choice.

Sure, if need be, I can save up to what Apple products costs, OR, I can have what just works, to do what I want for a fraction of the price and no agreements telling me I can't do this or I can't do that.

I'll do whatever I want to with my computer equipment thank you very much! The hardware itself was quite expensive, so I refuse to be locked-in at any ISV, where my digital rights are virtually non-existant, system-usage is governed by one proprietary entity for which I even have to pay for every regular release.

Thanks..., but NO THANKS.

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