06 June, 2009

Samsung external CD/DVD reader/writer

Since I have an Asus Eee PC 900 model netbook, I have absolutely no removeable rewritable media drive available to read optical media.

So.., I opted for an externel Samsung (TSSTCorp CDDVDW SE-S084B) CD/DVD+-R/W USB 2.0 drive, bus-powered for transportability.

I must admit, the performance when plugged in
correctly (the fat USB-plug *MUST* be plugged into a bus-powered connector, and the additional USB-plug must also be plugged in for optimal performance), was SURPRISINGLY effecient! It read video-DVDs on-the-fly, burnt both (-) and (+) recordable DVDs fast, error-free and stable. And last but not least, it didn't make any noticeable noise, just a little *swish* here and there from the disc spinning up inside.

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