25 June, 2009


I've been a huge fan of Sony's gaming-department for quite some time now, and I'm one of the lucky bastards with my very own PlayStation3 console system. And this post is meant as a rant, to elaborate a little about this wonderful system.

I don't think people (read: non-techies) realize what a revolution the PlayStation3 gaming system really is. Compared to earlier TV gaming consoles, the PS3 is a pure console-monster (technology-wise) and it's virtually expandable to the end of time.

With gyro-sensors in the controls, upgradable harddrive storage and USB-connectors, the PS3 has endless capabilities. Not to mention the internals. 8 (yes, EIGHT!) cpu processors, one of which is used entirely for complicated 3d rendering, and the rest for: game-engine, data, sound, emulation, etc. (My console version does not sport PlayStation2 emulation-code, but it doesn't matter. I've got a PS2 Slim console to do that job.)

And with additional peripherals, like: light-guns, arcade-sticks, etc. You can turn your entertainment-center into a real-life gaming arcade! No coins needed!

And with the PS Store and PSN, Sony brings the gameshop to your livingroom and makes worldwide gaming-connections for you. Sony also develops games exclusively for PSN, sold at the PS Store. And they also offer ported PS1-titles, for the hardcore oldschool gamers. Personally I downloaded quite a few PS1-titles to have them readily available at the touch of a button. Atm I'm going through Final Fantasy VII for the 3rd time, because it's an RPG classic (one of my favourite RPGs of all time).

It simply puts all the new technologies from the last years together in a superb' package, and hits your face like no other gaming system!

PlayStation3, live a little...

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