19 December, 2015

Keepin' buzy

Been pretty productive (read: teh buzy) the last 6-7 months, doing some (quite heavy) service- and maintenance-work for a local IT-startup.

Been responsible for the x86_64 Linux-rack(s) based infrastructure and backend driving the various product-frameworks, the domain- and network-security, plus client host-security throughout the organization. Quite a lot of networking and some aggregated WiFi-APs etc.

The Linux-rack servers have also been host-hardened and properly secured (SSH/TLS/SSL) for the threats facing online services in 2015.

Without going into too much detail, it all revolves around embedded GPS-tracking, web-apps for viewing and controlling said- tracking system, and the accompanying maintenance / service / troubleshooting involved in said systems and their server-backends.

The servers run both the MariaDB and the PostgreSQL database-systems for serving application- / geo- / PostGIS-data in various parts of the application-flow. I became responsible for servicing / doing maintenance of and fascilitating import / export of SQL-data for backup(s), re-location, and the like. The PostgreSQL database is even served from an iSCSI pool through a dedicated jumbo-frame ethernet connection to a NAS-rack for extra speed when handling huge datasets.

I've also been playing around with the web-framework, doing some development for myself to learn the technology, and also fixing various components in the active applications.

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