28 June, 2015

h3x - upgrade part II

Upgrade-time! :) ...and this time h3x is undergoing a complete cabinet+gfx upgrade. From a rather minimalistic HTPC starter-cabinet, into a completely new 2-sectioned, airflow-designed multi-cabinet :)

Fractal Design Node 804 cabinet
Corsair CX600 PSU
3 x Corsair SP120 "Quiet Ed" fans
My new XFX Radeon R9 270X 2GB GDDR5:
1xHDMI - 2xDVI-D - 2xDP


Silverstone MILO (ML03) when first built (nov'2011)
Silverstone MILO (ML03) disassembled.
The above picture shows my old HTPC cabinet after being almost completely stripped. Only things still left inside are the system-SSD (Corsair ForceGT) and the 400W PSU (Silver Power).

I did not foresee how hard it would be to dismantle the MILO HTPC mATX-cabinet, everything was so close together that it made it near impossible to figure out where to start off.

After viewing it from different angles, and bringing in a fresh set of eyes; everything got pulled out eventually

Then, the time to re-mount everything again came around.


  • First: the PSU.
Right side.
Back-right profile.
  • Then; motherboard + RAM + CPU.
Front-left profile.
Left side.
  • And to finish it off: graphics-accelerator + HDD + SSD.

Left side: Component-compartment.
Right side: Storage- / power-compartment.

I now have a overhauled gaming-rig / workstation / hypervisor with 3-4x more graphics-processing power than I previously had :P and it WILL get tested ;)

I opted to using the 3 Corsair SP120 fans in the front, to complement the total airflow going through the cabinet. So that's a total of 4 fans in the front for intake and 2 in the back for exhaust.

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