13 March, 2013

been in heavy use over the years...

I hadn't given it much thought, but I have been using ONE Windows-application quite extensively over the past years. WinSCP.

For a simple-faced filemanager, it has many uses. But it's main feature is to connect to SSH / SFTP / FTP servers, handle files locally / remotely, transfer files, etc. A networked client-server file-manager application.

Before the early years of 2000, there were no decent graphical file-managers for cross-platform transfers and handling. Especially not with proper support for the Secure SHell v2 protocol.

WinSCP had this from the beginning (mainly with the scp program at first, then the SFTPv2 protocol. more recently WinSCP opts for switching to SFTPv3 protocol if available, for added security).

I can't recommend this program enough for it's easy transfer, handling and other file-related operations. I have never had any serious problems with it. It just works, and it works pretty damn good too.

It's interface is a beautiful interpretation of earlier, rather similar :P command-line designer guidelines.

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