21 July, 2009

Root webserver down

My domain webserver @ "www.pizslacker.org" is currently down for maintenance and localizational reasons.

I had to move the darn box because it produced a whole lot of PC-exhaust raising the room temperature quite excessively, put simply, using obsolete hardware has it's caveats.

I moved the linux-server into the room containing the access-gateway to the ISP, hooked up a SOHO switch to spread one of the three RJ45 connectors on the gateway, and am planning to hook up a second server-box running Windows.

The plan is to have one L.A.M.P.-setup ("Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP" capable linux-box) and a W.I.M.A.-setup ("Windows-IIS-MySQL-ASP" capable windows-box), and to port my web-applications between the two. This will both strengthen my knowledge of AJAX-programming in both *nix- and Win32-environments. But also, force me to troubleshoot any weird and abstract problems that may occur in the process, thus making me learn the frameworks from the ground up.

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