08 July, 2009

CocaCola and "Open Products"

I was just reading my daily newsfeeds @ work, when I stumbled across an article concerning the opening of the recipe for the Coca-Cola beverage. Wikipedia has for quite some time had a post about just this, so I read it.

Suffice to say Cola is not what it used to be today, mainly because of people wanting to know what they pour down their throats, and governments regulating what ingredients are allowed in softdrinks and food that is commercially available at every convenience store.

What made me laugh, was the products appearing on the market the later years after big food conglomerates were forced to give out their proprietary recipes as common knowledge.

Canadian company "OpenCola" made a cola-flavoured softdrink of the same name, offered with an open recipe, under the GNU General Public License.

Related wikipedia-articles also listed "Free Beer", which was originally called "Our Beer" ("Våres Øl", in Danish), before they re-named it "Free Beer" as a play on Richard M. Stallmans common explanation on "Free as in speech, not free as in beer".

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