20 April, 2008

new_job: xhtml+css+gfx+asp?

Looks like I may be working a lot with webpages / backend scripting / design after my current work contract expires (out May'08 I've been told).

I was asked by a friend of my mother, if I were interested in working with webpage development / design some 3 months ago. As this is what I've always wanted to do, this is basically a dream come true. I went by their offices last thursday (April 17th), to see the server room, check out their systems and to see if I felt comfortably settled in at my own desk(!).

My work tasks will in the early stages be:

  • HTML/XHTML and CSS scripting.
  • Eventually, create/modify ASP scripts.
  • Adapt functionality per customer request.
So far, I've gotten 2 starter projects to work with, and I enjoy it quite much :)

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Olti said...

About damn time you got to do something you're really good at AND love doing!!

Keep up the good work! You're doing great! =)

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