21 April, 2008

Cross-browser compatibility!

Yes! I have finally achieved my goal... ;^) The blog is now cross-browser compatible (it displays correctly no matter what architecture/webbrowser is used to view the page).

This whole ordeal, is basically caused by the fact that Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not conform to the open web standards of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), meaning; it does not display webpages developed on open standards
correctly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Explorer#Standards_support. The features not fully supported at the time of writing, include: CSS rendering issues + partial PNG (Portable Network Graphics) alpha support (opacity / transparency).

So, we as web-developers (who rely heavily on open standards to deliver a consistent experience to users no matter what hardware or software they are using), are forced to implement so-called "CSS-hacks" (Style Sheet Hacking), to enforce a proper user-end rendering of the website.

But I can now confirm compatibility with the following browsers (on Windows XP SP2 / Vista and Linux 2.6.x):

  • Internet Explorer 7.x (WinXPSP2/Vista)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0.0.x (WinXPSP2/Vista/Linux 2.6.x)
  • Opera 9.2x (WinXPSP2/Linux 2.6.x)
  • Opera Mini 3.x (Sony Ericsson K810i)
  • Sony Ericsson's K810i integrated phonebrowser (Sony Ericsson K810i)

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