24 April, 2018

Need for security-professionals in Norway

Yes, it's been an often-discussed topic in Norwegian media in later years:

"Lack of security-professionals."

Well, as commented in this (Norwegian) article, BY a security-professional; there seems to be a lack of security-oriented IT professionals, but, not because they aren't there at all. They are. What is seriously lacking in this scenario, is competence in recruiting firms looking for this kind of competence. Always has been.

Computer-security is not a fixed-set field, AT ALL. Even though a lot of so-called "professionals" seem to be stuck on the idea that it is.

Serious professionals wanting to work in this field on the other hand, are (often) painfully aware of what it actually entails to do so:

  • constant refreshing on networking- / computing- / vulnerability-security in IT
  • vulnerability-monitoring of often-used software in the company
  • a simple awareness of the fact that: nobody is ever 100% secure
Computer-security is a weight-battle; does the securing of something vulnerable affect normal operations? Or, is the fix / security-measure absolutely needed for normal operations? These are everyday obstacles a security-professional has to deal with on a regular basis, so they have to be quite flexible on expanding their knowledge-base, and often.

These points are often completely missed by recruiters. They don't look for ability / knowledge / flexibility, they often tend to only look at academic degrees (preferably multiple(!)), gender, published articles / blog-posts and other non-related (and often quite unrealistic) demands for the position(s) in question.

Then, they complain about not finding any candidates for their outrageous requirements.

Seriously, re-define your demands / requirements to a more realistic degree, maybe you'll find a competent person to do the job. But you most certainly will NOT find the dream-candidate with the kind of demands currently set as standard.

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