08 August, 2014

A little side-note

To whom it may concern (you know who you are):

I started this blog for myself, as a kind of rolling-release diary / project-roadmap for my digital escapades.

I did NOT start the blog to attract shallow attention from hipster blog-readers, to push up statistics and visitor numbers, that was simply an entertaining and completely unseen side-effect.

When posts seem to be aimed at specific people, it is usually friends and / or family. Certain (other) people read the blog from time to time (and enjoy my rants to a certain degree), but it's not for everyone...

Any suggestions sent to me either by commentary or e-mail, on how to:

  • broaden my audience
  • get my visitor-statistics up
  • change my blog to satisfy reader-interests

I do, however appreciate constructive criticizm and corrections ;)

I don't embed ads, track visitor interests, publish general-interest posts or earn money on this blog.

It's main purpose is not to contend in the attention-seeking, popularity-contests of the pinkies.

If anything, one of it's purposes would be to inform people of tech-matters. And generally just to show that technology can be fun (sort of :P).

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