04 May, 2013

sshlog v1.6

Bash scripts for generating and viewing simplified SSH access-logs in a console.

My reason for creating sshlog (and consequently sshloglist and sshlogviewer) was to have an easily available command-line toolchain, capable of generating and viewing simplified SSH access-logs through a console (plain-text interface, usually SSH+Bash).

sshlog generates a logfile based on command-line options given, then pipes the results to sshlog-viewer. Or, it can simply pipe the results into a timestamped text-logfile, in a directory called "ssh-logs" in your home-directory.


sshlog - showing direct results with 'less'

sshloglist is used to generate a box-based, selectable list of the logs already present in the ssh-logs directory, when a log is selected, it pipes the selected list filename to sshlog-viewer.


sshlogviewer is a box-based log-viewer interface. It prints the content from a given sshlog (from a datastream piped directly by sshlog, or given as a filename at the command-prompt or by sshlog-list). It then lets you flip through the sshlog-pages with the Page Up and Page Down keys. Press 'q' to quit (using less, if dialog is not installed) or spacebar/enter to press the "OK" button (using sshlog-viewer + dialog).


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