23 February, 2011


Not to bash Sony in any way. Or to criticize too much either.., I love their work and innovation :)

That being said: I didn't buy the first PlayStation3 revision, thankfully. A lot of friends bought both the first, and second revisions which both had their fair share of hardware and software issues.

The third one, you would have thought would be fairly stable and sufficient. And it was, after mediocre use over 4 years. But just at the end of the fourth year, mine had started making annoying noises from the BD-drivebay. At this point, the warranty was void. And after a month or two, the fan ran on constant maximum. Then, the horror. I got up one morning and pushed the power-button, it started up as usual, flashed an YLOD, shut off and blinked red. FML...

I am now a proud (yet, distraught) owner of a fourth generation PlayStation3 Slim. Yes, it is a little less powerfull than the "phat", but generally quite noiseless. I also bought a PS3 Slim horizontal cooler stand to pre-empt another YLOD incident.

I also do regular backups because of Sony's updated firmware that doesn't let you swap disks from one system revision to the other ( which worked fine on the third gen ).

I bet it will bring me hours of HD film and gaming joy. But I must admit Sony has done theirs to make it quite an awfully expensive hobby. And I'm not sure I will continue to endorse Sony if this continues to get worse in the time coming :/

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