04 October, 2017

Disposable gloves

Finally got a hold of some black nitrile gloves for heavy industrial use.

...not that I screw a lot on engines or other mechanical endeavours, but the standard nitrile gloves I get issued for use in computer-handling almost always tear or just blatantly break apart after a few moments.

I tend to like to take things apart, very little things, with small components. Disposable gloves are a must-have in these cases.

A box of these gloves (100) can cost as much as 150-200 NOK (around $18-25), but if I order them from Denmark, I can get the exact same boxes for as little as 50-80 NOK (around $6-8).

They're even resistant to chemicals, oils and even some acids(!). Considered one of the strongest disposable gloves in industry, and to boot; they're even safe for people with allergies.

Something told me I would need these in the time coming. Sure enough, I did. Looks like I'll be deploying / operating / administrating / troubleshooting / solving and last but not least: tinker with and assemble Linux servers for a company specializing in machine-learning / AI / virtual assistant technology. Most of the application-servers are cloud-VMs, but I was asked to take care of physical servers as well :-P

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