19 February, 2009

"The last true hacker..."

Again, for those of you reading this blog, I urgently recommend reading this open book about the self-proclaimed free software protagonist Richard M. Stallman, to find out how and when the hacker-culture came to life... However, it can feel tedious at times (uses high-level computer jargon), but it's FULL of historical facts and rumors about computer culture in the 70's/80's, software advocacy, the REAL MEANING of the words "hack/hacker", and lots more...

External e-book link:

A 'must-read' for anyone wanting a little personal insight into the computer-world.

Here's a little extract to show how the book presents opinions and premonitions about IT development:
"If we lose, we will be just a footnote. If we win, it is uncertain whether people will know the role of the GNU operating system-if they think the system is "Linux," they will build a false picture of what happened and why.

ut even if we win, what history people learn a hundred years from now is likely to depend on who dominates politically."
A quote from www.softpanorama.org:

"The open source/free software movement owes much to the determination -- some might say fanaticism -- of RMS. In a sense, his contribution of gcc to the project is equal in the importance to the creation of the GNU project.

At the same time we cannot ignore his religious zeal and he can be considered as the first successful creator of a software-based cult (Stallmanism)."

n 1: adherents of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices
2: an interest followed with exaggerated zeal: "he always follows the latest fads"; "it was all the rage that season" [syn: fad, craze, furor, furore, rage]
3: a system of religious beliefs and rituals [syn: religious cult]

"The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready is he to claim excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause."

--Eric Hoffer, The true Believer

[ To be fair, the last two or three items in this post are pure flaming-articles, to dis-credit RMS (not that I disagree with his opinions or views, but a lot of people have strong feelings about these subjects.., and they're not afraid to voice them in quite rude manners). ]

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